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Loker PT. Sat Nusapersada TBK

PT. Sat Nusapersada TBK 

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Now hiring 
Site Production Material Controller
Job Qualifications:
  • Bachelor's degree or above Proficient in spoken and written English
  • Minimum 3 years of work experience related to electronic industry supply chain planning
  • Good communication skill, responsible, strong initiative in work 
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Good logical thinking and data analysis 
  • Good teamwork mindset
  • Willing to relocate to Batam, Riau Islands
Job Responsibilities:
  • Assist the factory planner to create a suitable production plan based on the demand and supply priorities for sales and materials.
  • Work with relevant factory divisions to coordinate the material control, procurement, and preparation of materials, equipment, and human resources needed for production at the headquarters in accordance with the master plan:
  • Monitor the production (WIP/Input/Output) and product delivery of eachprocess in the factory according to the established plan: 
  • Monitor the inventory of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, and defective products; Monitoring material loss in the production process
  • Create a material demand plan based on the production schedule plan, alert the supply of high-risk materials beforehand, and make sure the production demand is met.
  • Audit the factory to ensure that it is operating in accordance with the standards and encourage further factory improvement; Assist the on-site manager with other relevant tasks.
drop your cv to Email PT. Sat Nusapersada TBK: career@satnusa.com
subject: name PMC

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