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Loker PT Galaxy Investasi Harapan


Lowongan Kerja

PT. Galaksi Investasi Harapan


  1. Associate's degree in computer science or information technology pre ferred.
  2. At least two years experience in a IT work environment.
  3. Familiarity with multiple computer operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux operations.
  4. General knowledge of troubleshooting Internet connectivity, phone systems, network systems, and other technological office equipment.
  5. Strong communication skills, organizational skills, and time manage ment skills.
  6. Able to communicate in English both speaking and writing.
  7. Knowledge in web-base programming language such us PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript
  8. Also known MySQL Database and configuration.
  9. Have a design skill and familiar with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere is a plus

Job Description:

  • Troubleshoot technological issues and solve problems quickly.
  • Perform regular maintenance for our computer systems, printers, network systems, fingerprint machine and any other technical equip ment.
  • Regular maintenance for NAS File Server, Email hosting and Website.
  • Ensure our work files are backed up on server
  • Run security checks on all of our systems to ensure we are protected from cybersecurity threats.

Please send Your application to : recruitment@asiagalaxy.com
Panbil Industrial Estate Factory B3 Lot 3 29433 Mukakuning, Batam - Kepulauan Riau - Indonesia

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