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Loker PT. Austin Engineering

PT. Austin Engineering

Lowongan Kerja

PT. Austin Berada di Kawasan Industrial Terpadu Kabil, Jalan Mas Surya Blok B No.2, Batu Besar, Kecamatan Nongsa, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29467. Austin Engineering Indonesia is a leading designer and manufacturer of customized dump truck bodies, buckets and ancillary products used in the mining industry. We are also a complete service provider, offering on and off-site repair and maintenance and heavy equipment lifting services to customers including miners, mining contractors and original equipment manufacturers. We are currently re enforcing our successful team and inviting highly motivated Indonesian Professionals to join our team

1. Human Resource Advisor
2. Maintenance Supervisor
3. Production Supervisor
4. Senior Project Engineer
5. Senior Warehouse
6. Senior Estimator
7. Contract Project Engineer
8. Production Manager
9. Project Manager
10. Planning & Control Manager
11.General Manager-Asia

Cara Melamar

Due to the high volume of application which we are experiencing our team will only be in touch with you if your application is shortlisted. Email: recruitment@austineng.co.id

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