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Loker Batam PT. Triplus Hitech

PT. Triplus Hitech 

Lowongan kerja

Perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang plastik, Ijection Molding sedang membutuhkan karyawan sebagai : 


Job Description:
  • Assist Engineering Manager to maintain Quality, Environmental system, and maintain the machine’s continuity
  • Conduct and arrange verification process
  • Prepare NC sample for continuing reparation
  • Prepare monthly verification report for manager’s approval
  • Arrange tool’s calibration
  • Verify measurement utility post calibration on all instrument
  • Follow up and update Master List for measuring & Monitoring Equipment
  • Conduct GR&R dan AR&R
  • Update KPI and Improvement Plan
  • Verify work effectiveness and efficiency
  • Ensure product and material are contamination free
Job Description:
  • Conduct sample and product qualification on initial testing
  • Coordinate with FA Engineer on every new product testing
  • Arrange and record parameters during initial testing
  • Conduct problem solving on production process and utility damages
  • Analyze sample failure and discuss with relevant department to discover the root of the problem & solutions
  • Assisting in production process improvement
Job Description:
  • Inspect FA Sample from reference drawing, Dimension sheet and sample from customer
  • Provide sample requested by customers for approval
  • Provide FA sample before mass production
  • Coordinate in every testing for new products
  • Prepare documents for FA Delivery
  • Coordinate for new model development
  • Review every process, document modification in relevance towards the production
  • Coordinate in modification or reparation of any tools
  • Provide and share knowledge on new products, measurement machines and tools to other department
  • Control approval documents and sample from customers
  • Provide FA sample copies to QC Department
  • Update and prepare engineering documents
  • Analyze product failure and discuss with relevant department to discover problem and its solution
Each Applicant must fulfill the requirement as mentioned below:
  • Diploma / Relevant Degree in Industrial Engineering (Other engineering degree welcomed to try)
  • Fresh graduate welcomed to apply
  • Team Oriented
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Well versed with ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 and IATF (For Process Engineer)
  • Familiar with Process Audit, In-Process Control, Internal Quality Matter, Quality Improvement and Defect Analysis use Tools (For Process Engineer)
To candidate who are interested in applying, please fill in the form below: https://bit.ly/3Q6TCoa

Sales Coordinator Here are the following requirement necessary for the position.
  1. Male / Female
  2. 22-35 years old
  3. Proficient in both English and Mandarin
  4. Having experience as sales executive in Manufacturing company for at least 1 year
  5. Has done 2nd Dose of COVID-19 Vaccination
  6. Able to work under pressure
The job description of a Sales Coordinator is as follows:
  1. Handling end to end process of customer's order
  2. Make daily sales report, maintain PO records, and delivery arrangements
  3. Arrange schedule or truck delivery
  4. Communicate with internal team for customer arrangement
  5. Discuss and respond to customer requirement
  6. Handling a team to maintain customer orders
  7. Process new project requirements
Apply fo Link : https://bit.ly/3zs8Pt5

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