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Loker Batam PT. Labtech Penta International

PT. Labtech Penta International

Lowongan Kerja 

PT. Labtech Penta International Manufacturers and Suppliers or Technicial & Vacation Education Equipment - Training System, Trainers, Simulators, Supporting Tools and Test Instruments.

Requires the Following Positions:
  • Engineer R&D HVAC
  • Candidate must posses at least Polytechnic /Bachelor's Degree Electrical Fresh Graduated but experience in similar field 1-2 years is also welcome
  • Familiar with HVAC System, Analyzing Air Conditioning & Refrigeneration
  • Familiar with Building Management System (BMS) Familiar with Direct Digital Control (DDC)
  • Familiar with Central Air Conditioning System Familiar with Designing Air Conditioning & Refrigeneration
  • Good in HVAC theoritical and particical
  • Organize and maintain information pertaining to the performed experiments including laboratory notebooks, research reports
  • Good command in English (both speaking and written)
  • PC literate (MS-Office)

How To Apply ?

Please send your application & CV complete with Academic Transcript to : PT.LABTECH PENTA INTERNATIONAL Kawasan Industri Sekupang Kav. 34 Email PT. Labtech Penta International : hrd@labtech.org

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